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It’s Re-Fi Season!

By October 21, 2019 No Comments

It’s October and for baseball fans that means it is the Post-Season.  What an awesome time of the year.  We’re now down to the last two teams.  The Washington Nationals vs the Houston Astros are getting ready for the World Series.  Game 1 is tomorrow.  The matchup on the mound is Garrit Cole vs Max Scherzer.  This will be a pitching duel for the ages as these two former teammates battle it out in Houston.  Who will win it all?  The dynasty driven Astros or the well-rested Nationals?

In my world, October has a new meaning.  It is a different season.  It is Re-Fi Season.  Another great time of the year!  The match up now is between your current rate and your future rate.  The two veterans on the mound are your current monthly payment vs your new monthly payment.  One heavy hitter in this series is your credit card debt.  We can strike that payment out by paying it off at closing with a refinance.  We can hit a homerun with a new upgraded outdoor kitchen paid for by taking cash out of your equity on a refinance.  Taking cash out, lowering your interest rate, or paying off piling credit cards can be as fun as winning a World Series.

We are ready to help you and your family get the Win!